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Sales is changing, but not disappearing. It will also never be fully replaced by machines or automation.

Sales is part of our everyday lives.

Sales in its various forms is a common part of our lives

Daily, even on a subconscious level, we constantly sell our ideas and negotiate with our peers.

It is the art of communication and interaction that gets our thoughts and views across, resulting in new outcomes and progress.

The emotional intelligence is just a small part of sales professional's critically important skillset.

As such, sales is an extremely wide-encompassing field and goes well beyond the first negative thought that often comes to one's mind.

In the best case it is about building and creating on a human level

Solving the right problems, being in the right place at the right time, providing maximum value and building strong relationships are some of the most challenging, but rewarding aspects of any sales professional's course of work.

When you are doing sales right and are taking ownership of your approach, you get to interact with the most interesting people and strive to be an expert in the most interesting topics.

Experience in sales is also valuable for any person who is looking to build a growth-oriented business with stable and recurring revenue.

Human interaction.

Living in the age of information

The approach to sales is constantly changing.

Seamless cooperation with different functions like marketing and other lines of business is more important than ever in order to gain results.

Great products will sell themselves, but businesses will fail to capture the greater potential if true sales professionals are not there to amplify the success.

The Lost Book of Sales aims to look at...

From the perspective of an individual:

  • Common sales-related topics, tips, tricks, experiences and best practices in a compact, brief, value-driven format

  • Sales topics from a much requested European perspective rather than the American one

  • Interesting stories and insights from people with a dynamic background and a solid experience from various industries

From the perspective of an organization:

  • Alignment of sales and its role in providing the expected value for the business

  • Ideas and insight for decision makers, management, and leaders

From technological standpoint:

  • Hands-on learning and progress related to modern software development

  • DevOps, CI/CD-related topics, tooling, and methodologies

  • Big Data, IoT, AI, Machine Learning and trending technology topics.

Santeri speaking at the Microsoft house.

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