5 + 1 ways to emit confidence

This movie was some top-class entertainment by the way, a strong recommendation. So, let's get down to business. This will help you seem confident, trustworthy and professional. Hint, don't take this all too seriously.

1. Relaxed body language

WHY: It helps other people feel relaxed too and builds up your confidence.

HOW: Spread yourself out comfortably. Move yourself freely. Have eye contact on special occasions.

There are some funny scenes.

2. Be non-reactive

WHY: If you are non-reactive it shows you are not pressured by what’s happening around you and have all the control.

HOW: Simply don’t react, stay silent under pressure. Pause and breathe.

This guy is not really intimidated by anything, now is he?

3. Don't try to convince other people

WHY: It helps you be persuasive.

HOW: Frame yourself as an equal partner, be willing to walk away.

Love's a tough thing you know...

4. Signal good health

WHY: Healthy body carries a healthy mind.

HOW: Keep your back straight, posture upright and radiate positive energy. Try to smile.

Now Daniel doesn't really smile a lot in the movie, but you should!

5. Believe that you will be ok

WHY: This helps you tell the truth. You'll stop worrying about rejection and will never be weak.

HOW: Live it and be practical.

The man, the legend.

6. Bonus: Help your clients believe in you

WHY: How much would you trust being on a plane with a first-time pilot? What about being on a table of a first-time brain surgeon?

HOW: Emit competence. Make decisions swiftly and act firmly. Don’t hesitate.

Daniel talking his talks...

A word on competencee

In business, your ability to project competence is essential to win over new customers and keep your existing ones. People will look closely to your actions for assessing your integrity, skills, and trustworthiness.

Everything you do, such as the way you react in certain situations, says a lot about who you are as a business owner. It has often been said that actions speak louder than words, and you'll "find more success" if you can show who you are by some good habits, manners and graces.


Feel free to grab the plain text version of this checklist.

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